Howling Commandos


O.D.I.N. Central File

Code Name: Commander, Miss Shellshock, Hardknock, Longshot, Knives
Real Name: Bobby Carter, Alicia West, Britney Hamilton, Trevor Harerra, George Gutierrez

Classification: War Criminal

Nationality: American

Criminal Record: Dishonorably discharge for murdering a prisoner of war. Injuring, mortally wounding and murdering dozens of civilian during a hostage/robbery of the Freecom City Opera House.

Powers: Hardknock possesses Neo-human strength and endurance. Longshot possesses exceptional sight. The other members are powerless.

Known History: The Howling Commandos were court marshaled and dishonorably discharged for the murder of a prisoner of war during an interrogation, attempting to extracting information the believed to be key during a war. When they tried to integrate back into normal society, they couldn’t fit. They missed the adrenaline rush they received in the battlefield. Working the average day job wasn’t doing it for them. So the Commander decided to get the crew back together and become Soldiers of Fortune, mercenaries. Providing their skill to the highest bidders and taking what they needed from the innocent to survive (i.e. robbery).

They are now in custody at Blackgate Prison. They were apprehended by Detective Kerrigan, Gigavolt (who may have instigated the situation), Rocket, and an unknown Neo-human during a heist of the Freedom City Opera House.

Howling Commandos

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