Penny Park

Devoted wife and Loving Mother


N’ala was first encounter when she crash landed on Earth in 1947. The crash site was immediately quarantined, investigated and scrubbed to avoid public knowledge by O.D.I.N. The alien body was extracted from the ship, with the vessel being stored at the Space Control Center (SCC) for research – where it remains to this day.

During the “autopsy” of the Alien body, it was found to be still alive and very hostile. The only information could get extracted from it was the it desired the destruction of our planet. We could not find out why.

It’s Power Level at the time proved to be too much for any Neo-Human to handle if it went rogue and escaped from the detainment facilities. Only using extreme resources was O.D.I.N. able to dampen the powers of N’ala to a level that could be, barely, contained by conventional means. 30 years passed, and over the course of time the N’ala appeared to be getting more powerful. Near breakouts from her restraints were becomign more frequent. Dr. Janelle Howitzer, a resident O.D.I.N. telepath and psychologist, had the idea to mentally lock away the mind of N’ala – this would be referred to as Project Reboot. She believed this would be the best way to restrain the alien threat, avoiding the risk of a breakout from any restraint they have attempted in the past. Dr. Howitzer would return N’ala’s mind to that of an infant child and program her body to revert to an infant child and grow just as a human.

This infant would then be raised on Earth and grow just like any other human being. Hopefully, the care of a loving family would further suppress her original persona and the threat of Alien dominance would be no more.

N’ala would be given the name Earth name of Penny Davenport and would be placed in a loving family through adoption.

Present day, N’ala now goes by the name of Penny Park after marrying Anthony Park. She is a loving mother of her 16 year old daughter Victoria Park and a devoted Housewife to her husband. Since Dr. Howitzer’s procedure, there has been no cases of mental regression and no sign of violent of unusual tendencies from Penny. Project Reboot has proven to be successful.

Penny Park

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