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  • Penny Park

    N’ala was first encounter when she crash landed on Earth in 1947. The crash site was immediately quarantined, investigated and scrubbed to avoid public knowledge by [[:observation-division-investigating-neohumans | O.D.I.N.]] The alien body was extracted …

  • Anthony Park

    Married to [[:penny-park | Penny Park]] and father to [[:victoria-park | Victoria Park]], Anthony Park is a successful business man that owns several laundry mats around Freedom City.

  • Howling Commandos

    h3. O.D.I.N. Central File *Code Name:* Commander, Miss Shellshock, Hardknock, Longshot, Knives *Real Name:* Bobby Carter, Alicia West, Britney Hamilton, Trevor Harerra, George Gutierrez *Classification:* War Criminal *Nationality:* American …

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