World Setting


Imagine a parallel universe very similar to ours, it’s timeline pracitcally identical… with one exception:

Humanity had reached it’s next step in evolution…


The first documented paranormal was born May 10th, 1912. This marked the dawn of Human Evolutionary advancement, although it wasn’t dubbed so at the time. This child was the first of many that would display odd abilities, often of trivial nature. Some could levitate tiny objects, others had exceptional hearing or sight, and some had physical “deformities” such as gills, pointed ears, three fingers, green skin, etc. The scientific community labeled these children as genetic anomalies, but over time their frequency increased. Scientists began to hypothesize that the human race may be witnessing the next stage in human evolution.


Although the science communities believed these were not just genetic anomalies but the next stage in our evolution, the general public didn’t see it that way. To them, it was just another reason to discriminate. Going so far as calling these individuals “Mutants”. Needless to say, along with the civil rights movement of the 1960s, these Mutants also fought for their rights. So, when President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act, it prohibited discrimination of all kinds based on race, color, religion, national origin, and genetic differentiation. With the passing of the act, “Mutants” preferred to be called Neohuman – although the scientific community referred to them as Homo-Superior. The term “Mutant” was seen as a derogatory term.

After the Civil Rights Act was passed, and no longer clouded with baseless discrimination, society slowly started to accept that Neohumans are the next step in Human evolution. No more were they seen as just a random anomaly, but as an individual who had been blessed with the next stage in evolution.


As the generations went on, Neohumans were born with powers that did not prove to be so… trivial. Some children were born with the ability to generate flames at will, while others had skin that could deflect high caliber rounds, and then others could read minds, walk through walls, or run at amazing speeds.

These new abilities brought to light many concerns on the application of existing laws on the Neohumans. For example, if a paranormal can see the future, is it considered insider trading if he plays the stock market? If one can read minds, is it an invasion of privacy? If one has super-speed or super-strength, does that exclude him or her from professional sports under the fair play clause? Many questions like these arose within the judicial system, and over time and through many court decisions, these questions were answered.



As human nature would have it, some Neohumans turned to a life of crime. Every criminal has their reason and Neohumans were no different. However, just as some were drawn to crime, others were drawn to justice. Neohumans were beginning to understand that with great power came great responsibility, and were enlisting themselves in various law enforcement agencies.



Present Day. Homo Superiors and Homo Sapiens co-exist. Society has begun to shape itself around the presence of its Neohumans. Instead of using expensive machine that runs on fuel, a Neohuman with incredible strength takes its place. Rather than paying a bus fare, a Neohuman that has the ability to teleport provides his services instead. Psychiatric care has had incredible advances with the aid of Neohumans with telepathic abilities. Surgery is becoming more and more non-invasive as those with telekinetic abilities can operate without surgically opening the body.

The opened possibilities are boundless.

Humanity’s future is looking very bright…

World Setting

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